Greetings! You have landed at Playback Studios, the home of captivating wedding photography and blissful wedding films. Start your journey to a glorious day with our Multi-Award Winning Studio.

I and my close knit team never take our clients or work for granted. I remain passionate and sincerely committed to my joyful work. My portraits of your momentous day will resonate with genuine feeling and gorgeous detail. The films I create will captivate you with their honesty and natural emotion. My images and films are the visual repository of history, of people, of your life story. I am deeply entranced with this aspect of my work. Whether I travel to exotic international locations to shoot, or capture crisp commercial images my heart is always in it. I live to make you happy. I don’t care if I have to wade through mud, climb a tree or lay on hot asphalt to get an epic image of you. It is all worth it to share in your delight as you look at your final photography or film. I aim to never disappoint.

“Can’t believe our photos are already ready! Such a fast turnaround time!! Reece and I don’t know how well ever pick favorites, we love them all! Working with you Luke has been an absolute pleasure. You have easily been our favorite supplier from the beginning. Your attention to detail and laid back attitude let us trust in you and your company throughout the whole experience. It was so much fun working with you on the day, we really appreciate your ability to engage with people and capture their emotions. You are absolutely fantastic at what you do and we will be recommending you to our friends and family, and to anyone else who needs a photographer or videographer!” Kaitlin and Reece

 “Our photos are ridiculously beautiful ! Thank you so much! You were so great on the day. Your personality and your creativity made you a dream to work with. Pete and I were so impressed by the professionalism but also the relaxed way of you, and your team.” From Suellen and Peter



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