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Hello! Welcome to Playback Studios.

Our passion and specialty is capturing your ideas and unique events then turning them into visual masterpieces. Whether film or photography our multi-award winning state of the art digital studio can take your exotic corporate getaway or a breathtaking wedding and bottle all the magic and the emotion with clarity and class. When we are through you will find yourself spellbound by the results. We are located on Queensland’s brilliant Sunshine Coast but find ourselves traveling all across Australia and internationally.

The secret to our success has been our quality of craftsmanship and our way with people which is relaxed, respectful and fun. From CEOs to wait staff, from Brides to toddlers ours is a genuine good natured approach welcomed by all. Feel free to bask in our collection of beautiful images and films to get a taste of the emotion we bring to our work. Or, just contact us now!

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